The Louisiana Country Colorfest is manned, organized and run by volunteers.  There are no paid staff.

Questions we've been asked:

Q. Where does all the money from Colorfest go? 

A. Towards creating the Colorfest the next year.  This money doesn't nearly cover all the expenses of organizing and running the Colorfest each year so we also ask local businesses and individuals for sponsorships and donations.

Q. Who is in charge of Colorfest? 

A. The Colorfest Committee is a standing committee of the Louisiana Chamber of Commerce.  Volunteers can join this committee by contacting the Chamber.  The City is not the organizing group but many services for Colorfest are provided by city departments including Parks, Street, Water and Police.  Parks and Streets prepare the park areas, provide picnic tables, trash cans and barricades, transport bleachers and then return it all afterwards as well as pick up the trash our clean up crews remove.  The water department makes sure the city restrooms at the riverfront are ready and the water for vendors is prepared.  The Police department provides additional manpower from set up time until final break down is completed as well as monitoring the venue for safety.

Q. Is there security in the festival area overnight? 

A. Yes, we pay for overnight security for all our festival vendors.  On Saturday night we have additional security due to all the city activities going on and the police department is fully staffed and also adds patrols.

Q. Can someone come 'spot' me in my booth so I can go to lunch/bathroom etc.? 

A. Being manned solely by volunteers, this is a difficult request for us to handle.  Any volunteer that mans someone's booth is then not doing the job they have for all the rest of the venue.

Q. Can I bring my dog if she/he stays in my booth? 

A. No.  Animals are not allowed into the venue areas period.  This is for the pet's safety as well as that of all other festival patrons.  This will be strictly enforced by the Louisiana Police Department.

Q. Can I stay in my camper next to my booth space? 

A. No.  There is no overnight camping in the downtown/festival area.  There are several places to park overnight within walking distance of the venue.

Q. Can I bring my scooter/segway/bike to get around? 

A. Not within the festival area--all would have to stay outside the area.

Q. Where are the bathrooms? 

A. There are a minimum of 8 port-a-potties within the festival area, located block by block as well as permanent restrooms in the riverfront park area.  Several of the port-a-potties are handicapped accessible.

Q. Where do I check in on Friday night?

A. Trailer vendors check in between Georgia and Main street starting at 5pm on Friday, non-trailer vendors check in at 5th and Georgia Street on Friday night starting at 6:00 pm. If you have a trailer that you work from during the festival it is required that you check-in on Friday night.

Q. Why do I have to collect City/County/State sales tax? 

A. Because it is state law.  Additional information can be found at the Missouri Department of Revenue website (click this link).  Please note, this is NOT the IRS and you do not have to report any earnings to the Louisiana Colorfest.  You are responsible for collecting, recording and reporting sales tax.  A listing of all selling participants is sent to the Missouri Department of Revenue following the event, as per state law.

Q. How do I get the same booth space for next year? 

A. Pay for the entire rental fee at the current Colorfest and request it!  The earlier you get your application in the better chance you have.  If you want to move your booth space, let us know the address of the building behind it (or a description of the building/business/park etc.) and we will do what we can.  If you do not rent the space while still at Colorfest then do not be surprised if someone else requests it and it is reserved by them!

Q. Why couldn't I get an electrical space? 

A. Because they are limited.  Many of the vendors that request electric then rent the space for the next year before the current Colorfest is over.  We have 5 electric panels from 6th street to Main street and 4 light poles with 1-2 receptacles each.  Once the booth spaces that can reach these panels are filled, there are no other places for electricity available.  We cannot allow electrical cords from within the buildings because they most likely are not GFCI protected and we would have no access to the disconnecting (breaker) devices in an emergency.

Q. There are no vendor booths available with electricity. Is it ok to bring my generator?

A. No generators are allowed at the event. The sound of a generator is too loud and can be disturbing to visitors and other booths along the street.

Q. Can I do just one day? 

A. NO  The contract states this as well.  If you break down and leave before the time in the contract you will not be allowed back.  This is enforced.

Q. Can I get my friend into the booth space beside me? 

A. That depends upon where you are and what manner of booth you both have.  Some booths cannot go into certain locations (there are businesses on Georgia street that may sell the same types of things!) but if you are willing to move to an area where you can both be accommodated we will try our best.

Q. Who is in charge? 

A. The Louisiana Chamber of Commerce.  The Louisiana City Council is approached each year for approval with the listing of the area and any events going on--the Council approves the plan and then the Chamber is 'in charge' of the area from start to finish.  All rules and regulations are coordinated with the City of Louisiana and the Louisiana Police Department.  This is a 'closed' event and the rules and regulations of the Country Colorfest are in effect until the event is over and the barricades are removed.  If you are asked to leave the festival area for any reason, the Colorfest Committee can officially do this as well as the Police Department.  Cooperation from everyone is required to make the event safe and fun for all.

Q. Where can I ask questions? 

A. Email us

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