All food vendors using any kind of oil or grease in their cooking will be required to utilize a grease mat and/or clean the area of all oil/grease before leaving.  If oil/grease clean up at the end of the festival continues to be an issue, then a clean up deposit will be instituted.  We are hopeful that this requirement will make any additional fees unnecessary in future.

As a part of the check in process you will fill out a Pike County Health Department temporary permit application.  This will be handed back to the check in personnel so that your temporary permit can be issued.  All temporary permit fees are to be paid to Colorfest and were part of the application process.  Colorfest remits the fees with the information to the Health Department.  The County Health Inspector will inspect each food booth Saturday morning for compliance.  The information regarding this will be included in your vendor packet.

Non-profit food vendors are not required to pay the permit fee but are subject to the inspection and compliance.

All food vendors must be covered, either by tent or trailer.  There are no exceptions.

There are approximately 18 items on the inspector's checklist that all Temporary Food Stands must pass in order to hold a function with the public. Here is an overview of the more critical items:

1.   Food Protection: Making sure that no food is stored on the ground; food is at proper serving temperatures (140 degrees and above for hot items, and 41 degrees and below for cold items); assuring that food does not sit out at room temperature for long periods of time while it is being received or prepped.

2.   Thermometers: A bimetal Stemmed thermometer like you can get at Wal-Mart. It must begraduated in 2-degree increments. These are easily calibrated, and cooks and servers at buffet lines should have them accessible. Also look for thermometers in refrigerators and freezers, keeping cold foods below 41 degrees and frozen foods below 0 degrees.

     3. Handwashing: Every Temporary Food Stand must have a handwashing system. Some sort of running water, liquid soap, and disposable towels. A water jug with a spigot is acceptable if a restroom or wash facility is not available. Sanitizer gel can be used AFTER you wash your hands. Sanitizer gel is SUPPLEMENT to handwashing, NOT A SUBSTITUTE.

4.   Gloves:Are to be used by servers and folks who handle Ready-To-Eat Foods.

It is not mandatory for cooks to wear gloves, because they would be putting raw meat on a barbeque grill, and handling the food with tongs. If they place raw hamburgers on to cook, then place a piece of cheese on the burger, THEN they would need gloves because they are handling a Ready To Eat food (cheese). Do not forget to change your gloves after each different task to prevent cross-contamination of items.

     5.   Hair Restraints: Are necessary. Hats, hairnets, or visors are fine; mouse, gel or sprays are not. Cooks will wear some type of restraint, and servers should have their hair pinned back and off the shoulder.

     6.   Sanitizer: At the cook's and servers areas, keep a bucket of sanitizer solution. We will test for 50-100 parts per million (ppm) of bleach in the water. This equals to one-half teaspoon of bleach to one gallon of water. Test strips that check for chlorine must be present and available for use. Use regular bleach; do not use the scented ones, for they do not have the same qualities as regular bleach. Also stay away from the Clorox and Lysol sprays, they have too high of a concentration.

     7.   Toxic Items: Like bleach, or bug sprays cannot be stored next to food items. Propane tanks, citronella candles and other chemicals fall into the same category. Keep them separate and make sure if you put something into a spray bottle - LABEL IT.

     8.   Lighting: If you are having a function in a church or hall, the lights in the kitchen be shielded. This provides food protection from exploding or breaking lights.

NOTE: No bare hand contact with ready-to-eat food!!

For more information you can visit the Pike County Health department on-line at their website

Please do not send your fees or application directly to them!!  Our event is handled on-site and any fees submitted to them in advance may require you to also pay our fees.  All Colorfest fees are collected by the committee and submitted to the Pike Co. Health Department together with the report of vendors.

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